Photography Mentoring [1-on-1]

Do you struggle with…
+ Finding your style and who you are as a Photographer?
+ How to attract your dream clients?
+ How to direct or pose or even unpose your clients?
+ How to talk to your clients and maybe find yourself sometimes in ‘awkward’ situations?
+ Finding the best lighting, especially in rough weather situations, like harsh sunlight or rain?
+ Post-Editing-Workflow and maybe find yourself spending super long on the editing process?
+ Being simply burned out and lost your JOY over the years as a Photographer?
+ Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Social Media, Email…
+ How to start your brand and get the brand out there?

If you can answer one or even all of these questions with - YESSSSSS, this MENTORING Program is for you! If you just are starting out as a Photographer or you are already an old hand, this is about YOU and you choose what we focus on.

I have been there and I know the Struggles and the Joy of being a Wedding and Portrait Photographer!!! I started my Photography Business in 2012 [and had our first son] and shot a looooot of weddings in Germany and all over in Europe [Lea Bremicker Photography]. 2015 I shot almost all weddings Digital and Film. I was featured in Magazines, Blogs, Wedding Books and my Business was flourishing, but I can truly say, I wasn’t really totally happy or satisfied. In 2015 we moved from Germany to the USA, Phoenix, AZ [with two kids at that time, our Daughter was just 4 months old]. I started having a severe photography crisis and sold everything Photography related [Including deleting my Instagram account - yes deleting, not deactivating!!!]. Maybe my hormones were also to blame for that as well...because I was pregnant with child number 3 and we just moved here. I figured out more and more: I can sell my equipment, but I can’t sell my Photographers Heart and Eye...I was still seeing the Emotions, Details and Beauty everywhere and photographed it in my head. I have started to miss being a Photographer and shooting people [I just loooove that!!!] As of January 2019 it is official: I am back! With a lot of Soul Searching, I have discovered which direction I want to go and who I really am. I've learned so much, changed so much, tried so much, worked so much, been mentored and was honored to share all this so naturally with other Photographers. They were inspired by my Story…and then this whole idea of Mentoring was born. Because I simply stumbled into it by just connecting with other Photographers and being there for them. I really discovered how much I love to see other people thrive and find Joy in what they are doing and coming along side of them and helping them, wherever they need help.

I am super excited for 2019 and what and who this year will bring. Can’t wait to connect with you!!! Give me some insights into your walk as a Photographer, before we even chat! Simply fill out my getting-ready Questionnaire and let me know on problem areas, struggles, your goals, etc. We will get together (In Person or Facetime) and you will leave super inspired and ready to rock this and many hands on things!!!


Let’s do this together!

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