Hello, You lovely people

I just wanted to say a warm HELLO real quick and let you know some facts about me. I started my photography business in 2012 [and had my first son] and shot a looooot of weddings in Germany and all over in Europe [Lea Bremicker Photography]. 2015 I shot almost all weddings digital and film and was featured in magazines, blogs and my business was flourishing. 2015 we moved from Germany to the USA, Phoenix, AZ [with two kids at that time, Elise was just 4 months old]. I started having a severe photography crisis and sold everything photography related [Including deleting my instagram account - yes deleting, not deactivating!!!]. Maybe my hormones were also to blame for that as well...because I was pregnant with child number 3 and we just moved here. I figured out more and more: I can sell my equipment, but I can’t sell my photographers heart and eye...I was still seeing the emotions, details and beauty everywhere and photographed it in my head. I have started to miss being a photographer and shooting people [I just loooove that!!!]As of January 2019 it is official: I am back! After a lot of soul searching, I discovered which direction I wanted to go and who I really am. I started to re-edit some of my latest weddings, with my new editing style. I am super excited for 2019, what and whom this year will bring. I can’t wait to connect with you!!! Since I know the struggles you might be experiencing as a photographer, I started to offer Mentoring Sessions and am working on my own little Mentoring Program right now. Stay tuned!


Picture Credit: AK Lonski Photography